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3/3/08 07:57 am - As of Today

Well I've been on my meditation kick for what has to be atleast 2 months now. Everyday, every night and many sittings inbetween. I am beginning volunteer work this coming Saturday for local Nature Preserve. I'm going to be trained in the knowledge required to give all of the guided tours on Saturdays. This makes me super happy. I have also quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana and I have become a vegetarian. I am exploring prayer and yesterday I had my first day in Church. I am really happy, but super calm. I prayed for a community of spiritually inspired individuals and I was led to the Unity church in my town. I never even knew a Church like this had existed here. It's metphysical based (as I am), but it has it's base beliefs in Christ and the Bible. I'm really amazed at the prayers that have been answered. I am really thankful as well. Yesterday was my first full day of fasting that I had achieved so far.
I prayed for a fellowship and a teacher and literally that day, within a matter of a few hours, the prayer was answered. The Reverend is pretty awesome. He has very similar beliefs on many subjects as far as I can tell so far. He also was once a member of the same secret society as my Grandmother, immediately prior to becoming the rev for Unity. Yesterday during the Sermon, I had seen his Aura around him as he spoke. This is a first for me. It was a white outline that would grow larger and smaller as I watched it. But it was all around him. That was pretty amazing. My life is really unfolding. This Spiritual path that I'm being led down is unfolding things before my each step and I never have a dull day. I'm in love with God.

Thank You God.

I am a Child of Light
I Love the Light,
The Light surrounds me
The Light enfolds me
The light Blesses me
And I serve The Light.
In all that I do.

2/21/08 06:56 pm - 2 Days In.

The second day of non smoking is coming to an end.
It's actually been quite stress free.
I somehow attracted a lady who turned out to be a nurse and she gave me some very helpful pointers. She said to drink alot of water and to jog.
Well I havent jogged. But I notice that when the urge to smoke does arise I just need a glass of water to end the craving. I've been doing some pretty awesome visualization work before I get out of bed and before sleep. That has been super helpful.
All in all it's been extremely easy so far. I imagine that it will get easier and easier as I go. I'm happy. I'm not suffering from agitation like I have in the past attempts. I'm smiling, I'm happy, I'm feeling great. Well except for the flem that has been trying to get itself out of my body.
No hypnotism. No Nicorette. No weening. Just pure will power and faith.
I am a child of Light.
I love the Light
I serve the Light
I free myself with the Light.

2/19/08 09:33 am - Like a Phoenix

Today I am born new. From the flames of old.
I am purified in the fires of cleansing. Reborn as a true spiritual being.

I am grateful for a new day. A new chance to live. A new day to explore. Another opportunity
in which I can use my will to make my ideas unfold in the universe that I occupy. A Nuevo Dia. A child of light set free in the wilderness of his thoughts and desires. A new day with his God to guide him through this wilderness. To hold his hand, to comfort him, to nourish his unfolding each step as he goes.
I love my God. I love my world. So full of interactions with different creations. Each day I am so amazed at the vastness of it all. The endless possibilities to sieze thatcan arrive at this exact moment. I love life. I love God. I love my Family, my Friends and all those who live with me and without me.
I am grateful for a level head. For youth and beauty. I am grateful for a healthy mind, body and soul. I am grateful for the peace I live in each day. I am thankful for having all that I have. Love, Family, Friends, Interests, Kindness, Expression, Books, Animals, etc.
I Love you God and I'm deeply Grateful to you for giving me each day that I have to attempt something new. To possibly have a new life with each moment. Thank you I love you and serve you.

2/16/08 09:03 am - Ha I knew it

My roomate is fucking nuts.
That boy's like 12 years old sometimes. So sad to see. He thinks he's a slave to this world. A slave to his emotions

2/13/08 02:25 pm

This is a writing to inspire me.

I'm glad I was given the chance to live, once again. I'm happy that I have a nice bed and sheets a really good comforter and nice soft pillows. I'm grateful for not having to use a laundromat to do my laundry.
I'm appreciative that I have all the resources to gain as much knowledge as I want. I'm grateful for all the great books that have recently been bestowed upon me. I'm grateful for having such an amazing family history that inspires me. I'm extremely thankful for my great physical health. For all of this, I praise you God.
I thank you for giving us music and art and self expression. Without my self expression I would not want to live. My expression is my artistic masterpiece.
I'm grateful for being kind. I'm grateful for having a job that provides a chance to be of service to people. I'm grateful for having the chance to have great experiences in life. I'm thankful for having the chance to interact with all of your beautiful animals.
I'm thankful for having the knowledge to make right decisions and for having the moral outloook that I do. May it improve every day that I exist.

I am a child of Light
I love the Light and
I serve the Light

2/6/08 04:48 pm - Must've been a bad day

Cause I feel great today.
Might've been the breakfast sushi. But Yeah good days are here again.

2/5/08 07:05 pm - 02--5-08

I've been a vegetarian for about5 days now.
Today I felt really weak. Just low on energy. I ate well but I didnt sleep all that great.
I now remember the importance of remaining grateful. I now discover the true diligence required to achieve mastery of this. By mastery, I mean to be in control of it and make it natural and automatic reponse. There is no time to stop early because you think you have it down.
After enough time of using it, It will become something that isn't even thought about.

People might say, "whats to be grateful for? This words crap!"
But that's just an illusion. The illusion is unhappiness and struggle The illusion is a unhappy world. As if you live in hell or something. People will run around the world looking for a place that will finally make them happy.
You will find people that live very positive lives and some that live homeless and hungry existences. Many will go through great struggle. Many will have had cruelty and neglect far beyond what I've seen or experienced. But there are those that will rise above it and move beyond it and there are those that will crumble and suffer.
BUT! You can rise above anything! You can. I can. Even if the wants that you have are not fulfilled right now it can all be changed. Right Now.
The answer to happiness is not located anywhere on the outside world. The physical world.
That happiness, that success that you desire, although it may not be here. But waht is here?
What do you have to be Grateful for? Really think about it....overtime you will find more and more to be grateful for having. For me it's my family. Especially the kids. My nephews, my niece, my littlle sister, my sisters my Mom and Dad and even the Grandparents that I barely knew, but I still love them.
When you really sit and contemplate what it is about them that you love them for. Think of them after they die. When a person dies, what is it that you might remember loving about them? What will you miss?
Doing this is a trigger. A trigger is a repeated action that creates a response in your body, mind or spirit. Your body will become more capable of attracting the things that you want. It basically turns the magnet on. The magnet, being you.

2/2/08 10:35 am - Update

I'm beginning to realize my true nature. Our true nature.
The true nature is in bening a Son of God. A bearer and child of The Light.
Our true nature is of being a Soul, a Spirit.
Our true way is of breath and of Light.
In times of hardship I seek the counsel and wisdom of The Light. The Light of God.
I seek the knowledge and the ways of our True Nature.

Breath is Spirit.
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